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  • Acetic acid: a typical vinegar, is present in very small quantities of wine, giving aromas important.

  • Acidity: a key component of wine, represents the sum of the acids present, expressed in grams per liter (g/l). Affects the enjoyment of a wine and its shelf life.

  • Acidulous: when the presence of acids is pleasant, especially when young, if it is too acidic, the wine becomes discordant. Acidity is measured in pH.

  • Aftertaste Whict: new pleasant sensations are caught as soon as the wine is swallowed.

  • Aftertaste: the set of feelings to do soon after he swallowed the wine.

  • Aggressive: discordant, unpleasant for excess tannins and / or acidity.

  • Alcohol: Refers to a wine that contains such a large amount of alcohol to give a feeling of warmth

  • Almonds: bitter and sweet taste reminiscent of a perfect balance of almond.

  • Angular Corner: Refers to a wine, usually red, pretty unbalanced, where the tannins and / or acidity are not in harmony with other components, such as perfumes and scents. It is often due to the youth, therefore, with the aging in bottle the feeling and improve the wine balances.

  • Angular: wine disharmonious, often because immature.

  • Aristocratic: states the exceptional finesse of a great wine.

  • Aromatic: consistent and olfactory sensation, due to the characteristics of the original vine (Muscat, Traminer, Brachetto, Malvasia).

  • Ascend: Refers to a wine early in the process of acidification. See also inspiration.

  • Astringent: less than allappante.

  • Austere: properties manifested by the great wines are still young, when smoothness is interrupted by a slight astringency. Throughout the oral cavity. See also biting.

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