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  • Balanced: harmony between all components.

  • Beverley: it defines a drinkable wine, pleasant to drink, pleasant and generally not very demanding, immediate taste and feelings. See also ready to drink.

  • Bitterness: bitter-sweet pleasant sensation that remains after swallowing a wine

  • Body of: solid and composite. See also the body.

  • Body: the set of all non-volatile components (water, mineral salts, acids, etc..). Verified by evaporating the liquid and volatile components to obtain the dry residue. See also body

  • Bouquet: "flowers" in French, is the typical range of smells of a wine class subjected to aging, denotes wealth and elegance.

  • Brut: in Italian "dry", the French term used to define the amount of sugar, add the liqueur d'expedition, found in sparkling wines, brut to be the percentage should not exceed 1, 5%.

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