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  • Caressing: wine from the rich and smooth stuff.

  • Character, of: is used to define a wine from the well-defined quality, with no discordant elements.

  • Character: the qualities emphasize the typicality.

  • Characteristic: a wine with a distinctive individuality, usually easily recognizable, and often this definition is accompanied by the scent and / or taste of a flower or a fruit.

  • Citric acid: responsible for the lemon flavor, must be present in small quantities, in white wines helps to give the feeling of freshness.

  • Cloth: positive quality of wines, both red and white.

  • Complete: Refers to a wine when all senses are extraordinarily involved.

  • Cremant: sparkling wine from the fine and discreet, mainly due to the pressure reached 4/5 atmospheres instead of the usual 6.

  • Cru: French defines a particular vineyard or a part thereof, the grapes from a vineyard in general have unique features due to the microclimate and soil, the wines made only with grapes from a vineyard associate themselves with the same name of the vineyard. In France, according to a classification in force for more than a century, have been classified by dividing them into cru grand cru, premier cru, cru deuxième, et cetera.

  • Crust of bread: typical aroma of freshly removed from the oven due to the action of yeasts during fermentation. It is typical of white sparkling wines.

  • Cuvée: French term referring to the work of sparkling wines. The blend is the result of assembly of different types of wine to get a unique product, a typical company, as constant as possible over time. Can contribute different wines of vintages and vineyards, often the best. The sparkling vintage cuvee using the same vintage.

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