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Capunsel di Solferino

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The most famous dish is typical of the cuisine of Coline Morainic Garda, also recognized and classified by the Lombardy Region is that of fresh pasta called "the capunsči", but at Solferino have a variant that can be traced back to the times of Gonzaga.

The brotherhood of Capunsčl solferino intended to promote and protect. this specialty has grown in importance invoice popular restaurants when some very old culinary tradition, centuries old, has decided to put this main dish in their menu. Each has its own culinary secret, but the base is quite simple and affordable for everyone, as long as you have some familiarity with the food and cooking.

Recommended wines:

Garda D.O.C. Merlot

Serves 4-5 people:
Grana Padano Cheese
Biscuits maretti crushed
Beef broth mixed with vegetables

Put the bread and grated Grana cheese in a container.

Join amaretti biscuits, minced garlic, salt, pepper and spice mix everything with hot broth until dough is firm and slightly moist eggs and join the reshuffle.

Of spindle-shaped dumplings are made of 5/6 cm. to be held in the broth to a simmer scalded.

The capunsei are cooked when they float in the broth.

We then proceed to drain to serve them hot with melted butter in a pan to steam, sage and parmesan cheese.

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