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  • Decided: the qualities manifest themselves at first glance.

  • Decrepit: wine too old.

  • Delicate: finesse and flavor coexist.

  • Discordant: one or more components have the upper hand over others, creating an imbalance greater or lesser extent. The opposite is harmonic.

  • Dosage: in the manufacture of sparkling wines, is the addition of a mixture with a high concentration of sugar made ??with wine from the same game, sometimes with the addition of brandy at the end of the process of disgorgement, before the final capping with the characteristic mushroom cap . Depending on the amount of sugar, sparkling wines are divided into: - pas dose or brut (maximum 1.5%) - très sec (2-3%) - sec (4%) - demi sec (6-8%) - doux (minimum 8%). In French we say add the liqueur d'expedition.

  • Dried: after complete fermentation of sugars, are not perceptible sensations sweet.

  • Dry: the mucous membranes of the mouth are pleasantly clean thanks to the slight astringency.

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