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  • Sharply: thus defining a wine that has no disagreeable qualities of roughness combined with the limited persistence.

  • Shirt: This is the thin film that coats the inner walls of the bottle as a result of excessive aging of red wines rich in coloring.

  • Short: Short is called a wine that leaves no trace of its passage in the mouth. It is the opposite of persistent.

  • Sinews: quality of the great wines of body and character.

  • Sliding: smooth and fresh wine, pleasant to drink.

  • Slim: A wine quite poor in body and alcohol. To smell indicates fine perfumes and elegant.

  • Smoked: hints of smoke, as well as typical of certain grapes, due to the permanence of the wine in small barrels, subject to the roasting during their work, if in the right dose can be enjoyable.

  • Soft: pleasurable sensations without any special features tips.

  • Sour: tongue and mucous membranes are offended by sensations of roughness and disharmony, often in young red wines is lost during aging.

  • Sparkling: wine undergoes secondary fermentation, after the addition of yeast, according to two methods: Champagne (in Italy is called Classical Method) and Charmat or Martinotti. The first involves the second fermentation in the bottle, the second in large sealed containers, commonly called autoclaves. At the time of dispensing, the persistent foam ring on the surface of the wine is a good sign.

  • Structure: is the set of all components of a wine. To better define it, we use the adjectives bodied, full, robust, thin.

  • Succinic acid: a major contributor to the flavor of wine, the overall balance is very important.

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