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Sbrisolona Cake

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The perfect ending to a menu of delicious local cuisine is undoubtedly the sbrisolona, you could venture to the offer as a standard bearer of our culinary tradition, which sinks into a cultural substratum floating in the most poverty in opulence,

Was hard when it was cooked with fat poor, derived from the foaming of the bones from broth or water for cooking sausage, while the opposite was crumbly when noble fats were used, such as butter or lard better.

The best recipe for this sweet ancestral origins, is kept in the mind of every one of those who approach its implementation according to which flavors, fragrances and colors, there would be family-secrets passed down from generations.

It was officially founded in the seventeenth century more or less as an expression of the pie tratizione hard, in a welter of twinning with the sweets of other lands and provinces. In a customary medieval mind their almonds and peanuts mixed with fat soppradetti, until the creation of a gentle and modest cottage in the content, but of great kindness and emotional impact.

The popular tradition is respected where the Sbrisolona is not sliced??, but with a broken hand deftly dealt in the middle of it, if it crumbles completely successful.

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Serves 7-8 people:
1 kg white flour
Foil 800 g
Butter 1 kg
800 g sugar
500 g sweet almonds shelled
Vanilla extract 1 pinch

Combine the flour with almonds and mix well, except for work done before the butter soften at room temperature for you to be able to incorporate all the sugar, flour in order to join with the mixture of butter and sugar.

Place in a baking pan and bake in a circular dimension oven at 180░ degrees for about 20 minutes.

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