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Symbols of wines

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VDT - Table Wine.

Wine made in the European community, not classifiable in another class, provided the alcoholic strength of between 8.5% and 15%. Variations and exceptions are provided.

DOC - Denomination of Controlled Origin.

Wines produced from grapes harvested in a given geographical area and processed according to rules established in the specification. According to European legislation belong to the broader category of quality wine.

DOCG - Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed.

As for DOC wines, even with this symbol identify the wines produced in a restricted area and produced according to a specific discipline, but in this case there are bodies to check that the grapes come from land that meet ampeleografiche characteristics (type of soil morphology,...) and that the methods of cultivation adhere to what the diciplinare, especially with regard to the yields per hectare. Again Europe includes within this category VQPRD.

IGT - Indication Geographical Typical.

This category includes all the wines from a particular geographical area and from a production area which is often much larger, recognized by the European Community. Not Having to conform to any rules of production, cultivation and subsequent fermentation, aging and aging are free. Additional indications are the vine (if the grapes are present in quantities greater than 85%) and the color of the wine.

VQPRD - Quality wines produced in specified regions.

It means all those wines whose collection area is defined in special disciplines. In Italy they are all DOC and DOCG wines.

VSQ E VSAQ - Sparkling wines (aromatic) Quality.

This symbol identifies all sparkling wines whose second fermentation takes place in at least one month for aromatic wines (VSAQ) like Muscat, Malvasia or Brachetto, or in 9 months for the classic method sparkling wines (VSQ). In both cases the pressure inside the bottle must not be less than 3.5 Bar.


Are nothing but variations of the category VPQRD depending on the type of wine:

VSQPRD - Quality sparkling wine produced in specified regions.
VSQ sparkling wines that are produced in accordance with specifications DOC or DOCG
VSAQPRD - Quality aromatic sparkling wine produced in specified regions.
VSAQ sparkling wines that are produced in accordance with specifications DOC or DOCG
VFQPRD - Sparkling Wine of Quality Produced in Certain Regions.
All those sparkling wines that belong to a DOC or DOCG, with an internal pressure between 1 and 2.5 bar
VLQPRD - Quality liqueur wine produced in specified regions.
DOC and DOCG wines of an alcoholic strength of between 15% and 22%. The dessert wines are characterized by the possibility of adding concentrated grape must or wine during Acohol.

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