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  • Tannic: richness in tannins and can be enjoyable and essential, especially in quality wines in these cases is usually called tannic wine.

  • Tannins: essential components in wine, from grape skins and grape seeds, have astringent action on the mucous membranes; affect the color and flavor of the wine, as well as the overall balance, tend to soften with age, in white wines, and in general those who come from must have had limited contact with the skins, are not very present, even staying in barrels, especially if small size and new, gives the wine considerable amounts of tannins.

  • Tar French: perfume and taste of its great red wines, develops during the aging in bottle.

  • Tar: the great red wines you can capture the taste, so infinitesimal, the taste of the essential oils of tar.

  • Tartaric acid: the acid's most important wine contributes to its preservation, being resistant bacterial activity, as well as the overall structure.

  • Tartrates: salt of tartaric acid, naturally present in wine may precipitate and settle to the bottom of the bottle as a result of rapid changes in temperature, not affecting the quality of the product.

  • Thousandth: from the French millÚsime, indicates the year of harvest.

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